Play City of Billiards

What is City of Billiards

In City of Billiards, you step into the shoes of a pool master showcasing your billiards prowess across different cityscapes. With 20 diverse levels, each stage presents a unique challenge, requiring your precision and strategy to conquer. As you progress, the arrangement of billiard balls grows increasingly intricate, demanding a deft touch and sharp eye. Your mastery lies in the meticulous control over the cue's direction, speed, and angle, granting you the power to finesse each shot. Adjusting the ball's hit point allows for unparalleled accuracy, enabling you to navigate through the progressively challenging setups. But here's the catch—you must complete each level within a specific number of hits. The pressure intensifies as you aim to clear the stages without surpassing the allotted shots, adding an element of skillful calculation to your every move. Explore various corners of the cityscape, from bustling urban environments to serene locales, each backdrop providing a new canvas for your billiards artistry. Show off your skills, adapt to the evolving challenges, and emerge as the ultimate pool maestro in the City of Billiards.

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