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What is City Bus Driver

In City Bus Driver, step into the role of a public transportation driver navigating the bustling streets of a sprawling metropolis. As a part of this immersive bus game simulator, your task is to smoothly transport passengers from one location to another and reap the rewards of your service. Earn these rewards by successfully completing routes and efficiently managing your schedule. Use your accrued rewards wisely: either accumulate them for later use or invest in the customization features available for your vehicle. Tailor and fine-tune your bus according to your preferences, enhancing its features and appearance to suit your style. Experience the authentic challenges and thrills of real-life bus driving through this game. City Bus Driver offers a realistic simulation that mirrors the complexities of maneuvering a public transit vehicle within a dynamic urban environment. With a range of diverse bus models to choose from, immerse yourself in the most lifelike driving encounters available with the ultimate bus simulator experience.

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