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What is Caged Forest

Caged Forest is a thrilling first-person shooter game set in a dark and scary forest where the player must fend off waves of enemies while trying to find different supplies to survive. The game is designed to keep the player on their toes as they navigate through the dense forest, constantly under threat from lurking enemies. As the player progresses through the game, they must rely on their trusty assault rifle to take down wave after wave of enemies. The enemies come in different shapes and sizes, ranging from zombies to mutated animals, each with their own unique abilities and attack patterns that the player must learn to counter. To survive in Caged Forest, the player must scavenge for different supplies that are scattered throughout the forest. These supplies include ammunition, health packs, and various upgrades for their weapons, which can be found hidden in various locations throughout the forest. As the player explores deeper into the forest, the enemies become stronger and more dangerous, making survival more difficult. The game also features different modes of play, each with its own unique challenges and objectives, ensuring that players never get bored. Overall, Caged Forest is an intense and exciting first-person shooter game that is sure to keep players on the edge of their seats as they fight for survival in a dark and dangerous world.

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