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What is Brainstorming 2D

Brainstorming 2D presents a captivating puzzle experience where players are challenged to unlock the potential of colorful grids. Within each puzzle, players are greeted with a grid adorned by vibrant hues, with squares nestled within corresponding colored borders. The intensity of the challenge lies in the diversity of colors, offering a varied spectrum to navigate through. The objective is clear yet deceptively intricate: liberate all the blocks confined within the grid's edges. Each puzzle acts as a tantalizing maze of interlocking colors, requiring players to strategize their moves meticulously. With every slide, players must consider the consequences, aiming to align and manipulate the blocks in a manner that grants them freedom from their color-coded confines. Brainstorming 2D tantalizes with its blend of simplicity and complexity, inviting players to engage in a stimulating mental exercise. As players delve deeper into its puzzles, they unlock not only solutions but also a sense of accomplishment, mastering the art of unraveling the colorful enigmas laid before them.

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