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What is Blocks Chain Deluxe

Blocks Chain Deluxe is an engaging maze puzzle game that challenges players to fill the entire maze without leaving any block empty. Your journey begins at the S block, and the objective is to navigate through the maze, coloring each block along the way until you reach the final block. As you progress through the maze, the challenge lies in strategically moving from one block to another, ensuring that every block gets colored before reaching the endpoint. The game demands a thoughtful approach, requiring players to plan their moves carefully to cover the entire maze without missing any section. Should you encounter an obstacle or find yourself unable to progress, the Restart Button comes to the rescue. Tapping this button allows you to reset your progress, giving you a fresh start from the initial S block. This feature encourages players to strategize and find the most efficient route to complete the maze. With its simple yet captivating gameplay, Blocks Chain Deluxe offers a delightful experience for puzzle enthusiasts, testing their logic and problem-solving skills in an entertaining and engaging manner.

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