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What is Bear Hunter

Bear Hunter is a thrilling shooting game where you must use your sniper rifle skills to hunt a given amount of bears in order to successfully complete each level. The game is set in a realistic forest environment with trees, bushes, and rocks providing cover for the bears to hide behind. Your objective as a bear hunter is to track down and take out the designated number of bears within a limited amount of time. Each level presents a new challenge with varying terrain, visibility, and weather conditions. You must use your keen eyesight and expert marksmanship to locate and take down each bear. As you progress through the game, the difficulty level increases with the number of bears you must hunt and the time limit for each level decreasing. You must also be careful not to shoot any other animals that cross your path, as this will result in penalties that could affect your overall score. To help you on your hunt, you have a powerful sniper rifle at your disposal, with adjustable zoom levels and a steady aim to help you take accurate shots. As you complete levels, you can upgrade your rifle with better scopes and more powerful ammunition to help you take down bigger and stronger bears. Overall, Bear Hunter is an exciting and challenging game that requires skill, strategy, and a steady hand. If you are a fan of hunting games and love the thrill of the chase, then Bear Hunter is the perfect game for you!

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