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What is Balls Sorting Deluxe

Balls Sorting Deluxe is an engaging puzzle game that challenges players with the task of sorting identical groups of four colored balls into designated tanks at each level. With two distinct difficulty modes, players can tailor their gaming experience to their skill level and preferences. In the Easy mode, players will encounter a series of straightforward sorting puzzles, featuring fewer balls and an abundance of tanks to accommodate them. This mode serves as an excellent introduction for newcomers to the game, allowing them to build their sorting skills gradually. For those seeking a more intense challenge, the Hard mode offers a greater test of strategy and precision. In this mode, players must tackle puzzles with a higher number of balls and a limited number of tanks. This increased difficulty level demands careful planning and efficient ball sorting to succeed. To aid players in their sorting endeavors, the game offers rewards such as extra tanks and a +1000 score boost, adding an extra layer of strategy to the gameplay. Balls Sorting Deluxe is a game that combines mental agility and strategic thinking, providing hours of addictive and rewarding puzzle-solving entertainment.

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