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What is Auto Rickshaw Simulator

Auto Rickshaw Simulator offers players an exhilarating and demanding gaming experience, immersing them in the role of an auto rickshaw driver within a vibrant urban setting. The primary objective of the game is to undertake the responsibility of collecting passengers from diverse pick-up points scattered throughout ten thrilling levels and ensuring their secure transportation to their desired drop-off locations. This immersive gaming experience unfolds within the chaotic backdrop of a bustling city, where players must skillfully maneuver their auto rickshaw through a maze of traffic, overcome numerous obstacles, and race against the clock to meet the designated time constraints. Success in each mission results in monetary rewards that can be utilized to enhance and upgrade the auto rickshaw, further enhancing its performance. Auto Rickshaw Simulator is a game that combines elements of strategy, precision driving, and time management, promising an engaging and addictive gaming journey that challenges players to master the art of auto rickshaw driving in a dynamic and challenging environment.

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